Work samples

Examples of successful parquet floors implemented by our company.
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23. Nerudova street.
Composing of wooden squares from 16th century - strenghtening of ground with mounting foam and restoration of wooden squares - a house in Neruda Street.
22. Gym Prostřední Bečva u Rožnova pod Radhoštěm.
Renovation of the parquet floor in the gym, including lining - Prostřední Bečva u Rožnova pod Radhoštěm, elementary school.
21. Apartment building near by Jindřišská street.
Renovation of original parquet squares and firming with structural foam at Senovážné Square.
20. House in Pohoří u Jílového
19. Flat in Prague on Václavské square
Renovation of approx. 170 years old oak squares.
18. Flat in Prague on Národní třída
Laying of wooden oak flooring - connections and other.
17. Flat in Prague Žižkov
Sanding, sealing and painting the newly laid industry mosaic - wood Merb.
16. Flat in Prague, Kubelíkova street
Laying of oak floor with cork transitions separating each room.
15. Gym in elementary school Na Korábě, Prague 8
Restoration of oak parquets,topcoat with load lacquer traffic (5x), re-painting sport lines on the floor.
14. Family house nearby Prague
Installation of industrial floor, including sanding, sealing and matte finish coating.
13. Kramářova villa, Prague 1
Renovation. Painting by underlying paint "D5", which is a special varnish to highlight the wood grain. For top coating were applied two coats of varnish Bona traffic for extreme load.
12. Café Hugo at Korunní street, Prague 2
Installing parquet floors on the existing pavement. Subsequent sanding and varnishing floors with special paint designed for highly frequented areas requiring higher resistance.
11. Reconstructed flat near Vltava river at Malá Strana
Renovation of inlaid squares, fitting new skirting boards - original oak (age about 100 years)
10. Nev construction in Prague 10 – Zahradní town
Laying the floor (red oak, II. grade) including sanding, filling and varnishing parquet flooring.
9. Art Nouveau house by Vltava embankment
Floor sanding from glue and paint remains.
8. Private flat in prague - Pankrác
Parquets after renovation.
7. Private villa in Prague - Štěrboholy
Polishing (meshing) of the existing oak floors.
6. Old homestead near the Poděbrady
Sanding and varnishing floors of old pine wood.
5. Private flat in Prague - Žižkov
Sanding and varnishing of existing hardwood floors. Used Bona Mega topcoat.
4. Duplex flat in Prague - Stodůlky
Laying of oak parquet in terraced villa in Vysočany - directly on concrete by using of glue.
3. Flat at Palackého square in Prague
Tearing parquet floors risen after the flooding. Gluing, sanding, filling and varnishing.
2. Hungarian Embassy in Prague
Parquet floors in the building of Hungary Embassy. It was necessary to completely renovate the ground floor.
1. Family villa in Prague - Strašnice
Adding of new flooring to the original parquet flooring.